Take the first glance at the 2019 Dew Tour Long Beach park and street courses as they take their final shape. Dew Tour would like to thanks to the hard-working builders at California Skateparks for creating two beautiful looking courses. Dew Tour will be open to the public starting June 13 till the 16 and is FREE to attend.
Photos by Andrew Durso

Overviews_street_long_beach_dew_tour_durso 2
Straight on view of the street course from the grandstands.
Overviews_street_long_beach_dew_tour_durso 1 2
Optimal seating to catch all the switch action down the 8 stair set for the Boost Mobile Switch Jam going down Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 5:00 pm.
Overviews_street_long_beach_dew_tour_durso 3
Pick your weapon of choice: hubba, rail, or gap?
Overviews_street_long_beach_dew_tour_durso 4 2
A closer look at those hubbas and rail.
Overviews_street_long_beach_dew_tour_durso 6 2
This course looks amazing dressed in art by Dew Tour’s summer partnered artist Cooper. Of course, the city of Long Beach provides a magnificent backdrop as well.
Overviews_street_long_beach_dew_tour_durso 4
Get this view from the Dew Tour tower with a VIP pass. Still available for purchase at dewtour.com/skate/vip.

Birdseye view of both street and park courses in all their glory.

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