By Kelli Redes – Picture this. You open the door to the Matterhorn Inn aka Club Matterhorn and your bouncer is a dog named Tucker decked out in his Alli After Dark uniform. You are then attacked by four of the hot ladies of One Life Crew (Jamie Anderson, Chanelle Sladics, Kjersti Buass and Sarka Panc) with hair gel, hairspray and hairbands. Welcome to the 2010 Winter Dew Tour Alli After Dark season wrap party hosted by the One Life Crew and Fuel TV.

One Life Crew

Hair Gel Attack

The ladies knew just how to get the party started right; they made their grand entrance with a formal introduction and then a surprise show. For the first time ever, the One Life ladies performed a live rap just for the occasion and inducted Jossi Wells as a temporary member to keep the beat as they spit their rhymes.

Spittin’ rhymes with Jossi Wells

The crowd got amped and DJ Luis Calderin from Okay Okay kept the party raving with such good beats even the wallflowers were dancing. The night was full of crazy hair, being high off hairspray, dance offs, and bouncing Šárka Pančochová like a ball. There is nothing more to say then to just look at the pictures; they explain the night better then any words ever could. A giant thank you to One Life, and Joe and the entire Matterhorn crew for throwing one of the best wrap parties to ever go down in the record books.

Bringing back limbo!


Tucker the Dog is the Alli After Dark BouncerJossi and Byron Wells dad gets down Colleen from Alli, Tom from D-Unit and Erin from Fuel TVSince the party was 18+, the Gatorade Free Flow Tour rippers got to join in on all the funJoss Christensen, Bobby Brown, and Elias Ambühl chillin at the MatterhornChanelle Sladics and Jamie Anderson give Giom Morisset a new dewJoe (from the Matterhorn), with the lovely ladies.One Life Crew attacks unsuspecting victimsKjersti Buass did a number on Kelli Redes' hairThe girls and Jossi spit their rhymesThe rap stars!Jossi Wells and Kjersti Buass sending itChanelle Sladics gets the crowd goingThe One Life Crew, and Jossi Wells keep the party aliveKjersti Buass and Jossi Wells showing off their dance movesKjersti even brought the limbo back

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