Nick Bruce Doubles Up with BMX Park Win at Flow

The Flow Skatepark hosted the final qualifying stop for the BMX Park finals last Sunday in their new kickass location.  The best riders from around the Midwest and beyond were present and all chomping at the bit for one of the last three spots.  The level of riding was insane and equally awesome was the variety of riding styles showcased in each heat.  Spectators and riders were all treated to an amazing event that set the new Flow location off properly.

Coming hot off his win the day before at Ohio Dreams, Nick Bruce took the top spot at Flow as well. Nick had a great mix of finding unique lines and linking together top-notch maneuvers.  Nick’s front flip up the 6 stair via jump ramp to flair on the tight 4 foot brewed the shaka levels.

Last year’s Free Flow finalist Allen Adams snagged 2nd with runs packed with back-to-back tricks and clean, precise style. Third place finisher Ty Callais, who flew in from Cali’s Bay Area and is yet another 2011 finalist, took the most unique approach to his runs. Ty found lines no one else was thinking of, surprising the judges and hyping the crowd.  Glad to see his long trip paid off. 

Honorable shout outs to some of the heaviest tricks that went down in the comp. Kuba Cerski blasted a wallride to double tailwhip from the 6 foot quarter damn near the rafters to the adjacent 10 foot bank. Matt Ray’s clean style made his 720 bar on the 6 foot quarter look too easy. Snd Tyler Clark’s tenacity paid off with a wallride to flair transfer from the quarter to bank and an awesomely reckless tailwhip transfer from the wallride quarter to the bank behind it.  Needless to say the crowd went berserk.


  BMX Park Junior Jam
1. Nick Bruce Nathan Halahan
2. Allen Adams Lukas Halahan
3. Ty Callais Jed Barber
4. Kuba Cerski Ashton Bauman
5. Spencer Scott Weston Hughes


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