Barefoot, Luke Mitrani marched around the stage at the Riverwalk Center in downtown Breckenridge to a crowd made up mostly of professional snowboarders and music-going mountain townies—the people loved it. Opening up a night of music as part of Dew Tour 2018, Mitrani started things off and had the crowd looking and feeling very warmed up for the night ahead.

Surfy psychedelic rock meets minimal house, that is the sound that Mitrani had the crowd moving to. But it wasn’t just any crowd, nearly two thirds were professional snowboarders. From his closest Frends, Scotty Lago and Danny Davis, to his past competitors in halfpipe like Louie Vito, locals like Benji Farrow and this weekend’s Dew Tour and Olympic champion Scotty James—the crowd was filled with serious snowboard talent.

This is really an honor to be playing here right now, said Mitrani after recollecting on a past Dew Tour win. “This is really surreal. I feel like I’m dreaming right now.”

Mitrani also had his brother Jack on stage in full support. “I’m a very proud brother and a first time DJ,” said Jack between songs. “I was there when he was born. I was there when he won Dew Tour… And I couldn’t be more proud of him than I am now.”

Next up on the night was The Reminders. An unconventional family band made up of a husband and wife that jam on vocals together while their three children act as “tour managers” that dance to the rhythm, literally. Funk meets hip hop with a taste of reggae, while powerful vocal cords mix with fast-paced lyrics is a close but slightly limited description of their sound.

One thing that was certain, The Reminders worked the crowd into moving their feet, hips and hands. They also worked the stage and coordinated movements involving the entire family and the, still growing, crowd.

Then, after a break between sets the place was packed. The Motets took the stage and the remaining space near the stage was filled as was every inch behind. An electronic sound with jazz influence and instrumentals stringing things together, The Motet brought something new to the stage.

Earlier this year the seven-piece group gathered in front of a sold out crowd at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, so it was little surprise when the standing room became packed shoulder to shoulder in Breckenridge.

As the night went late, the sounds stayed provocative. Stimulating lights kept eyes wide, while smooth sounds stroked everyone’s ears.

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