Louie Lopez Skates Out of the Street Semi-Final in First

Coming back to San Francisco for a second consecutive year, the Toyota City Championships bring the fan favorite Skate Street back to the city. 



On a course full of replicated San Francisco skate spots, including Hubba Hideout and the China Banks, skaters have access to the best hubba ledges and rails the city has to offer. The 10 skaters who proceeded from the prelims round joined 20 skaters, who previously received a bye.

For the semi-final there were six heats of five riders each taking turns in an organized jam format allowing each skater three tricks in a line per turn in the 10-minutes. In the end, only the top 12 advanced to tomorrow’s final.

Every heat was packed with fan favorites each bringing something different to the course with their individual styles.

Heat number one kicked off with Chaz Ortiz cruising the entire course and laying down tricks on almost every obstacle with his buttery style. Then we saw David Gravette come into the course with a fresh yet hesh take on everything. However, it was Louie Lopez from the first heat that took the top spot landing a giant frontside flip down the set in addition to an efortless blunt 270 out on the bump to bar.

In the next heat David Gonzalez came in throwing kickflip and impossibles into frontside 50-50s down the big hubba in between stylish crail grabs. Without question, each heat offered an amazing lineup of skaters and everyone brought their all.

In the end of the semi-final it was Louie that held down the number one position throughout.


Louie Lopez Skates Out of the Street Semi Final in First

Louie Lopez, backside nose blunt

It feels crazy, I did not expect to qualify first at all,” said Louie still in disbelief of how well he scored. “I tried not to think about it too much but it was definitely crazy skating with P-Rod and all those guys. I’m just looking forward to having a good time tomorrow. I’m hyped! The course is fun.”

Kelvin Hoefler, who earned the top spot in yesterday’s prelims brought back that same fire today. Hoefler rode out in second after throwing big tricks like a cab to back lipslide on the A-frame rail, plus a kickflip crooked grind and a front blunt down the big hubba.

I’m feeling so good and I’m so excited to skate the final tomorrow,” said the Hoefler still taking it all in after seeing where he placed. “I really liked the picnic table yesterday it was so good… Now my favorite thing is the big bubba.”


Louie Lopez Skates Out of the Street Semi Final in First

Kelvin Hoefler, backside noseblunt

Look for the top 12 guys to return and throw it down all over again in tomorrow’s final.

Be sure to check back shortly for a photo gallery posted to the top of this article and video recap of the session!


1st Place – Louie Lopez

2nd Place – Kelvin Hoefler

3rd Place – Sean Malto

4th Place – Chaz Ortiz

5th Place – David Gonzalez

6th Place – Alec Majerus

7th Place – Greg Lutzka

8th Place – Ryan Decenzo

9th Place – Paul Rodriguez

10th Place – Felipe Gustavo

11th Place – Curren Caples

12th Place – Peter Ramondetta

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