Jamie Bestwick 9-Peats in BMX Vert Final

The Dew Tour Beach Championships brought the best in BMX vert back to the sand to show the world why we love ramp riding!

The BMX Vert Final was the first final of the weekend, and the crowd came out in full to show their support for the ramp riders. However, following a little trouble with evening moisture the event had to be postponed until the next day – the crowd wasn’t fazed and returned in full.

The format for the final consisted of twelve riders each taking three, 30-second runs with the best of those runs counting toward their overall score. Then, the top six riders move on to the Final Round 2, aka the Super final, with another three, 30-second runs to throw their all.

Jamie Bestwick 9 Peats in BMX Vert Final

Jamie Bestwick

Jamie Bestwick returned in an attempt to win his ninth consecutive BMX Vert Dew Cup and title, and if anyone can 9-peat we all know Bestwick is the man to make it happen. Still, the stacked field of competition was not going to make it easy.

Jamie Bestwick 9 Peats in BMX Vert Final

Vince Byron

Vince Byron for example came to win and threw a giant 540 double tailwhip to let the people know it. As did Simon Tabron who took full advantage of the roll ins on the ramp to capitalize on his amplitude while throwing invert 540s and more. Steve McCann also came to play and showed off how much fun he was having with giant barspin to one-handed x-ups as well as the rarely seen candybar. 

Jamie Bestwick 9 Peats in BMX Vert Final

Steve McCann

Bestwick was ready to do whatever it took and came in with a massive downside tailwhip flair and later throwing the rarely seen candybar to remind everyone he has serious amplitude of his. But it was during his victory lap that Bestwick threw his most impressive maneuver, a fronflip flair for the crowd really made his 9-peat special. Congrats Bestwick!

Jamie Bestwick 9 Peats in BMX Vert Final

BMX Vert Finals Podium


1st Place – Jamie Bestwick 94.00

2nd Place – Vince Byron 89.75

3rd Place – Steve McCann 88.50

4th Place – Jimmy Walker 83.00

5th Place – Simon Tabron 82.00

6th Place – Francisco Zurita 77.25

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