Flobots, Dirty Heads play Mount Snow

Flobots, Dirty Heads play Mount Snow

Whoa—the day’s over but where are you going? On Friday, January 9th, the party will carry off the slope with Dirty Heads and Flobots playing live at the Verizon Wireless Stage in Festival Village at Carinthia Base from 4pm – 6pm. The party continues later with Alli After Dark . . .

Combining a variety of musical genres, Huntington Beach locals Dirty Heads are as rhythmically diverse as they are well traveled. The four-piece group, which combines elements of hip-hop, reggae, and OC-punk, has been pressing albums for ten years and has toured with the likes of 311, Kottonmouth Kings, Fish-
bone, and others.

The song “Handlebars” has been played nearly 8.5 million times in seven months on the Flobots’ Myspace page, so we’re pretty sure you’ve heard their latest album Fight with Tools [Universal Republic]. The guys behind the hip-hop are an affable bunch, and beyond mentioning their commendable voter-sign-up non-profit work (geez, thanks for tearing me a new hyphen), we can break down their tunes into equal parts orchestral flurishes and guitar work, spread across a boombap denominator. That’s a difficult equation
to crunch, and tons of groups have turned in drastically wrong answers. Millions of fans, however, leave raving testimonials on their Youtube page, citing Flobots as an incredibly positive and inspiring force in mainstream music, so what do we know? We’re certainly not bummed about this year’s turn-out among 18-year-old voters. There they go again making me type all these dang hyphens.

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