Dennis Enarson Wins BMX Street with New Format

BMX street broke in the weekend of competition at the House of Vans in Brooklyn, N.Y. and the athletes were treated to a fresh course layout and the chance to break it in right. Fans came out to line the perimeter and build the hype for the first event of the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.

With the new venue came a new format. For BMX street, the course was broken into three distinct zones where athletes would earn a score in each to be ultimately averaged together to determine the winner. The riders were also broken into three groups and were allotted 8-minute organized jam sessions in each zone.

Moment of Pressure:

As part of the new format, scores for each zone dropped after the three heats of riders had finished. You may think that would lead to serious anticipation, however the riders seemed to enjoy it and were able to keep it loose between riding rather getting hung up after each ride as to where they may have placed.

Although, if you were to ask the riders in the final heat they would tell you that they felt the pressure build as they had their eyes on every trick done and were left to wrap up each zone. The riding was on another level with guys pulling about every trick out and even a few that had not been pulled before in a competition setting — maybe that is what forced Dennis Enarson to huck himself every which way and ultimately steal the win.

Top Tricks:

Ty Morrow – crooked grind up the A-frame to double peg down, bunnyhop from flat over the bar into the bump, 540 from thetop level over the green rail and a 180 backward double peg to tooth. 

Jeremiah Smith – nose manual to nose pick to can-can out on the pad and flat bar, barspin feeble to tailwhip out on the up ledge and a feeble from high to low into a manual on the pad and continued to manual to an over tooth on the green double set rail. 

Alex Kennedy – Opposite ice pick up the A-frame over to ice pick down, 360 over the up ledge, crooked up the red rail to 180 toboggan out, nollie nose manul on the 8-stair handrail and a fastplant to ice pick on the 8-stair rail. 

Sean Ricany – tooth hanger up the red rail and a barspin to smith to nose bonk to barspin out on the 8-stair hubba. 

Broc Raiford – double peg up the A-frame to 360 over to flat, smith 360 out on the up ledge, and a 180 to backward overtooth down the red rail. 

Garrett Reynolds – double peg up the A-frame rail to barspin into an ice pick down, truckdriver over the bump to bar, 180 smith the up ledge to barspin, 180 barspin to ice pick down the red rail, 360 from the top stage to over ice pick on the green rail, 180 barspin to crooked grind and a barspin to crooked to 180 out. 

Chad Kerley – 18- barspin over the bump to bar, 180 onto the up ledge to barspin out, truckdriver from the top stage over the green rail and a barspin to manual to barspin out on the 8-stair hubba.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Dennis Enarson – a massive one-handed tabletop, nosebonk to barspin off the bumpp to bar, crooked grind to opposite tailwhip, and an opposite tailwhip over the rail.

Winner’s Quote:

“That was so sick! Definitely the best Dew Tour street format because we didn’t have to play it safe… Before the last rail jam [the riders] were doing everything on the rail even some I had never seen before. I was like ‘oh my god, I don’t ride rils that often so I need to throw everything I have and then some.’ It made me think this is for real, and some of this stuff is scary for me.” — Dennis Enarson

Dennis Enarson Wins BMX Street with New Format

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