Darcy Sharpe Repeats as Snowboard Streetstyle Champion

Snowboard streetstyle returned to Breckenridge this year as part of the Dew Tour festivities, and the course once again provided a thrilling under-the-lights spectacle in downtown Breckenridge.

Among the obstacles on the course were a huge drop-in, a handrail dumpsters, a jump over a truck, a jump over a tire, barrels of fire and a rainbow rail. The riders in the streetstyle contest attempted to use each of these obstacles to impress fans and judges alike during a 25-minute jam session.

Darcy Sharpe, last year’s streetstyle winner, was on point once again tonight, capturing the victory and $5,000.

Sharpe was enjoying himself out there all night. “The course was fun,” he said. “It was quicker than last year, so everybody rode a lot better, and everybody rode really good, so it was fun.”

For Sharpe, it wasn’t about the tricks though. “Just snowboarding was pretty fun,” he said. “Having a course where you can shred and enjoy it is what it’s all about.”

As far as his favorite obstacles on the course? “I like just the classic downbar, and the crates were fun. It was interesting – not features you get to hit in a park, so it was fun.”

Plenty of other riders were slaying the course as well. Dash Kamp had a frontside 360 over the tire. Zach Rawles repeatedly impressed the crowd, tweaking a grab over the tire and also going for a backflip handplant over that same obstacle.

Kael Hill also stuck out among the riders – his hardway back 360 to 5-0 was awarded best trick.

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