Cranmer Leads BMX Park Prelims, Finals Today

As if on cue, the skies opened up seconds after Mark Webb, the final rider of BMX dirt prelims, finished his run. Luckily he put together an amazing line minutes before to finish in second, and he was celebrating his run as the rain started coming down.

Cranmer Leads BMX Park Prelims, Finals TodayMark Webb Down Side Whip

Scotty Cranmer was the star of the prelims and finished in first. Australian young gun Andrew Buckworth finished third and earned his way into his first ever park final after riding on the Tour last season. Earlier in the day, he also advanced to his first Final in dirt.

Cranmer Leads BMX Park Prelims, Finals Today      

Patrick Casey was fourth and veteran Ryan Nyquist followed with a tie score after flowing through the course like no other. Gary Young was hitting the rainbow rail from every direction and making the most out of the course with wall rides on every run and a sixth-place finish.

Cranmer Leads BMX Park Prelims, Finals TodayRyan Nyquist One Foot Seat Grab X-Up

The top nine riders from the prelims advance to tomorrow’s finals, where they will join Garrett Reynolds, Dave Mirra and Daniel Dhers, the top-three overall riders from last season.

Dirt finals are also taking place tomorrow and tickets are still available. For ticketing info, click here.

For an Alli video recap of top six prelim riders, click here.

BMX Park Results

1. Scotty Cranmer, 89.88

2. Mark Webb, 89.63

3. Andrew Buckworth, 89.63

4. Patrick Casey, 89.00

5. Ryan Nyquist, 89.00

Cranmer Leads BMX Park Prelims, Finals Today

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