Chaz Ortiz Wins the Battle and the War for the Dew Cup

Chaz Ortiz claimed his second consecutive first place finish of the 2010 Dew Tour and in the process captured his second Dew Cup Championship in the last three years. Greg Lutzka and Ortiz were the only two skaters to make the podium at every stop going into Las Vegas and Lutzka only need another podium finish to secure his first-ever Dew Cup. But apparently that was not in the cards for Lutzka as an uncharacteristic bad heat left the door open and Ortiz barged right on in.

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Ryan Decenzo, had his best finish of the year duplicating the second place finish he had in his debut on the Dew tour last year. Decenzo blasted a frontside flip over the pyramid, nollie heelflip over the big gap, backside blunt on the hubba and 360 lipslide down the Nike 6.0 rail.

Sheckler looked unbeatable going into the final jam after posting the highest scoring first run of 93.25 and having a great first jam that included half-cab over the big gap and a backside smith grind to back tail on the ledge. But when the final jam started he fell on his first few tricks and even though he came on strong in the end with a hardflip and cab 270 down the double set it was not enough to overcome, leaving him in third place on the day and second overall in the Dew Tour rankings.

Chaz Ortiz Wins the Battle and the War for the Dew CupRyan Sheckler Backside Lipslide

Tour rookie, Mario Saenz took fourth place, which was his best showing of the year. After a slow start in his timed run he turned in up in the final jam and finished the year sixth in the Dew Tour rankings.

This year’s Gatorade Free Flow Champion, 15 year-old Alec Majerus made the most of his opportunity to skate against the best of the Dew Tour, making the final jam and taking fifth place. Majerus was visibly nervous missing a few tricks in his first run but quickly shook off the nerves pulling technical tricks, kickflip frontboard and backlip as well as tailslide to fakie.

Another former Free Flow Champion, Timmy Knuth, made his first final of the year with a great opening run and a consistent final jam that included a 360 flip of the gap and nosegrind back down the guitar neck rail. Knuth took the sixth spot of the finals and finished the year ranked in the top 15.


1. Chaz Ortiz, 91.50
2. Ryan Decenzo, 89.25
3. Ryan Sheckler, 83.10
4. Mario Saenz, 82.48
5. Alec Majerus, 82.15

Check out the full results from the skate park finals and the year-end Dew Cup standings.

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