Candy Jacobs Creams Competitors in Women’s Street Quarter Final at Dew Tour Long Beach 2019

Twenty-eight women skated in, only 12 skate out to advance to the Semi Final.

Candy_jacobs_womens_street_quarter_final_long_beach_durso 3
Candy Jacobs charged the Boost Mobile rail with a backside feeble to start off her run. Photo: Durso

Bright sunshine and blue skies welcomed fans and professionals alike to the Women’s Street Quarter Final as the first event open to the public at Dew Tour Long Beach 2019. The day began with a buzz of excitement as it began with women working to earn valuable Olympic qualifying points on the street course, but that buzz quickly turned into a roar with every stomped trick.

Momiji Nishya frontside boardslide her way into a second place finish in the Quarter Final.
Alana Smith was on fire on the street course all while having fun. Kickflip back Smith. Photo: Durso

While friends and families were piling into the grandstands from the street to watch the event for free, VIPs were also lining the railings of the multi-leveled tower to get their own view of the action. Leaning over from the second-floor war street skateboarding legend Fabrizio Santos taking in the event with his 13 and 14-year-old daughters, Maria and Laura.


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Coming all the way from Australia is Hayley Wilson with a smooth back feeble. Photo: Ferra

Previously, during the Open Qualifier, skaters shared the course as part of a jam session with two others. Now, and going forward for the remainder of the weekend, skaters would take to the course solo. For Quarter Final each woman was allowed two 45-second runs, with only their best score counting toward their overall ranking. In the end, only 12 skaters would advance to the Semi Final.

Isabelly_avila da silva_womens_street_quarter_final_long_beach_durso
Isabelly Avila De Silva hanging onto a frontside 50-50 just enough to roll away. Photo: Durso

Twenty-eight women (representing 16 different countries) made up the roster, and the flow of the competition required them to be broken out into two heats.

Nanaka_fujisawa_womens_street_quarter_final_long_beach_durso 4
Nanaka Fujisawa smacking down a lipslide on the A-frame. Photo: Durso

In the first heat it was the Momiji Nishiya of Japan show. Momiji wowed everyone from the fans to the judging panel with her two nearly flawless runs. The show-stopper, though, was her frontside crooked grind down the 6-stair hubba.

Not too many melon grabs going down on the street course but Margielyn Arda Didal snatches one up off the kicker. Photo: Ferra

Following the halfway mark, it was onto heat two and the next 14 women. It wasn’t until the last lady dropped in from the second heat that the crowds were truly treated. Candy Jacobs, riding for Netherlands, had a perfect run from start to finish.

Another feeble but this one was done by Kaya Isa. Photo: Ferra

Beginning with a feeble on the Boost Mobile 8-stair rail, it was clear she was in a league of her own. Candy went on to stomp a back 50-50 on the bump to bar in a line to a crooked grind on the low hubba, and for her final trick before the buzzer she gapped out to a 5-0 from a bump to a hubba.

Ana Maria Rendon Castano holding it down for Colombia. Photo: Ferra

Watching on from the athlete staging area, her fellow competitors erupted as her score of 46.13 dropped and she moved into first place. High fives and congratulations were given from all around, even Chad Muska was hanging out, stoked to watch the action and camaraderie.

Funa_nakayama_gabriela_pereira mazetto_womens_street_quarter_final_long_beach_durso
Funa Nakayama with a heavy frontside crooked grind down the hubba. Photo: Durso

“It feels insane!” said Candy between runs when asked how it feels to jump to the top of the leaderboard. “I was wondering if my run was going to be enough to make top 12, but getting first is insane.” Candy was modest, sure. When asked if she saw it coming once she landed her last trick on the course, she responded, “hell no!”

Jhulia Rayssa, backside feeble. Photo: Ferra

Candy also spoke about the atmosphere at the event with regard to Olympic qualifying points being on the line.

Legend with a MIC Chad Muska providing the hype. Photo: Durso

“It feels 100 percent different. There are more people, the level of skating is increasing at a super quick rate… so, I’ve got to hustle. But I’m here. I’m hustling.”

Mendonca Victoria throwing down a frontside Smith grind. Photo: Ferra

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Women’s Street Quarter Final Results 

1.) Candy Jacobs, USA 46.13
2.) Momiji Nishiya, JPN 45.60
3.) Alana Smith, USA 42.73
4.) Hayley Wilson, AUS 36.93
5.) Rayssa Leal, BRA 35.63
6.) Vitoria Mendonca Eugenio Da Silva, BRA 32.00
7.) Isabelly Avila Da Silva, BRA 41.00
8.) Nanaka Fujisawa, JPN 53.00
9.) Margielyn Arda Didal, PHI 33.23
10.) Kaya ISA, JPN 32.50
11.) Ana Maria Rendon Castano, COL 34.66
12.) Funa Nakayama, JPN 50.00

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