Bucky Lasek, A Legend in the Making

Bucky Lasek grew up on the East Coast in the Free State, Maryland, with big talent and great ambitions. Today Bucky is one of the world’s best professional transition skaters, a professional RallyCar driver but above all a father and husband. With so much going on in his twice over professional life, and personal, Bucky always keeps his cool while pushing his limits.

Bucky Lasek, A Legend in the Making

“I find that one career actually benefits the other by offering a much needed break at times to stay fresh in mind and body. The hardest part is the travel and being away from my family.”

Fortunately for Bucky for the past two years he has had the opportunity bring his professional skateboarding career back to Maryland while competing in the Dew Tour vert and bowl events as they are broadcasted on NBC.

“Competing is always something challenging no matter where but for me being able to do it in front of my friends and family in a place that I grew up is amazing. There is a bit more pressure along with comfort competing somewhere you are from.”

Below is a short feature of Bucky Lasek telling his story and showing a little insight to the life of a legend in the making.

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