Bern Iseli Wins the Season’s Last Skate Street Qualifier

The Flow on Saturday was home to the final qualifying skate street contest for the Free Flow Finals in San Francisco.  Skaters from far and wide, including many past finalists, hoping to earn one of the remaining travel vouchers.

In the end, Louisville native Bern Iseli proved he had the right stuff and came out the victor, showcasing his solid skating and an impressive bag of tricks.

“Ahhhh man, I’m so excited to skate in the finals,” an excited Bern told us after finding out he won. “It was a fun contest!”

Jason Siebert will make the trip to the finals as well with his 2nd place finish. Jason’s fast, clean style and bevy of tricks impressed the judges all day. His noseblunt to fakie, bigspin board, and boardslide up and down the a-frame were too good.  Jason’s good buddy Corey Glick will join him after clinching the 3rd place spot. Corey dropped hammer after hammer – tre flip to flat from the a-frame, backside noseblunt, and frontside bigspin all stomped with ease.


  Skate Street
1. Bern Iseli
2. Jason Seibert
3. Corey Glick
4. Mike Berdis
5. Gage Smith


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