Behind the Scenes Photos from MTN DEW Modern Lines Video Shoot

Curren Caples
Photo Credit: Chris Ortiz
Curren Caples blasting a timeless looking method.

Get a look at exclusive behind the scene photos from MTN DEW’s latest short film Modern Lines premiering Sunday, September 29, 2019, at 2 pm ET/PT on ABC. Missed the TV broadcast? Catch a digital encore on the MTN DEW YouTube channel directly afterward.

Chris Colbourn
Photo Credit: Ortiz
Not a single inch of this course was safe with Chris Colbourn AKA Cookie on the set.

Skateboarding has always enjoyed a close relationship with creativity and style, each being complementary to each other. In MTN DEW’s latest short film, Modern Lines showcases an innovative new skateboard course build that combines transition and street skating that encompasses style and creativity pushing forward progression.

Sean Malto
Photo Credit: Ortiz
The neon green lit features made for an interesting MTN DEW effect. Sean Malto with a lofty backside kickflip.
No matter what type of filming session, reviewing clips is a must. Sean Malto and director Mike McEntire reviewing for approval.

The course was built for fun and fast skating and housed within a 74,000 square foot vacant industrial building in Southern California. I’m hyped to see the MODERN LINES course come to life,” comments pro skateboarder Curren Caples whose vision created a one of a kind course. “I wanted to build something fun for me and my friends to skate that blurred the lines of traditional street and transition courses. I’m stoked that MTN DEW helped take my idea and bring it to life with the entire skate team involved.”

All different types of equipment were at the finger tips of Mike McEntire.

The private session included the MTN DEW skate team, Sean Malto, Mariah Duran, Theotis Beasley, Curren Caples, and Chris Colbourn, along with their friends, Mason Silva, Jake Anderson, and Jenn Soto. Capturing all the action was Mack Dawg Productions, who include legendary skateboard filmmaker, director Mike McEntire, and director of photography Ty Evans.

Chilling on some downtime and plotting new lines Mason Silva, Sean Malto with guys behind the camera Mike McEntire and Ty Evans.
Jenn Soto got down on some big transitions and catches this big ol’ kickflip.
Chris Colbourn and Jenn giving each other the stoke via knucks.
Jake Anderson with a fine balanced crooked grind transferring from side to side.
Plenty of hype to go around with Theotis Beasley, Mariah Duran, Chris Colbourn, and Jenn Soto.
Powerhouse Mason Silva was blasting kickflips so high we thought he might hit the ceiling.
Group photo for the memories: Chris Colbourn, Mariah Duran, Jenn Soto, Jake Anderson, Mason Silva, Sean Malto, Curren Caples, and Theotis Beasley.

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