Ten of the best in urban skiing descended on Breckenridge Friday night, turning downtown into their personal playground in front of a rowdy downtown crowd for the Dew Tour Streetstyle Competition.

After 45 minutes of open jam format, Canadian rail tactician Alex Bellemare put his stamp on the course’s seven features en route to the Streestyle title and a hefty $5,000 prize purse. Bellemare was joined by countrymen Sandy Boville and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand on the podium to complete the Canadian sweep.

“This year in the Slopestyle I kind of screwed up, so I was really hungry tonight and I just went for it,” said Bellemare.

For Bellemare that meant fast, technical runs that featured spins in and out of features as well as a switch 50-50 on the bottom section’s corrugated tube. But Bellemare’s evening took a turn toward the podium after launching a ridiculous 450 misty flip off of the concrete barrier up rail in the middle of the course, and from there he finished his night strong, narrowly missing a 270 to front swap rail transfer on the course’s final feature.

Boville showed why he is considered one of the most versatile rail skiers in the game, combining a mix of flips off the top features into a deep bag of swaps and spins on the bottom concrete barrier, corrugated tube, and lift tower tube. Beaulieu-Marchand, for his part, wowed judges and crowd alike with his screamin’ semen landing off the concrete barrier, a trick that requires a skier to land with legs and skis crossed.

But the Canadians weren’t the only ones walking away with hardware last night. Tim “Cheddar” McChesney skied away with Best Trick honors and a $1,000 check courtesy of a mind-bending lip slide 270 on to front swap transfer to 270 out on the lift tower tube to down rail.

Crowds packed out the intersection of Washington Avenue and Main Street to watch the rail duel, braving a cold and snow to get the party started right Friday night. Ski legend Tanner Hall was in attendance, and DJ-stoked beats kept the energy at high level all night.

With the end of Streetstyle, ski action moves back to the hill Saturday with the rail section of the Dew Tour Ski Slopestyle Pro Competition, before wrapping up Sunday with Dew Tour’s first-ever Team Competition.

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