Adam Jones Triumphs in FMX Triple Threat

For the second consecutive year, the Toyota City Championships brought the FMX Triple Threat session back to San Francisco, California.  With approximately 11,250 yards of dirt landing in front of City Hall, FMX is taking over.



This three-part competition combined whips, flips and upright tricks. The format is set up so that riders must display their classic FMX abilities in the form of whips and traditional tricks during the upright section with no inverts, or spins of the bike or the riders body allowed during the that section. 10 riders each took their turn showing off their best arsenal of tricks to prove they have the whole package.

Last year’s defending Champion Adam Jones returned to the ramp to dirt setup in front of City Hall feeling as confident as ever knowing he had a title to defend and some technical tricks to pull. However, when put up against FMX giants such as Todd Potter, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Taka Higashino, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Lance Coury and the rest of the stacked field a win would be anything but easy.

Adam Jones Triumphs in FMX Triple Threat

Todd Potter

Potter came out firing with his three tricks throwing a lookback kiss of death, seatbounce whip and a cliff hanger backflip – a trick he refers to as an inverted Jesus. Potter proved to be one of the best riders of the day and rode out in second overall.

“My main goal was to execute my moves and I think I accomplished that,” said Potter once it was all said and done, “It was a good day.”

Adam Jones Triumphs in FMX Triple Threat

Adam Jones

In the end, the top spot was awarded, once again, to Jones with little surprise to the excited crowd centered in front of City Hall.

“I knew coming in I had a fairly good chance,” said Jones once he hopped off the podium. “I’ve been working really hard on my upright tricks, but when I got here I had some trouble with the ramp.”

Trouble with the ramp or not, his no-handed Shaolin to McMetz to no-hander lander was a risky trick that offered a reward. Jones also threw what he said was, “the best double grab backflip I could do.”

Be sure to check back shortly for the complete results posted below, a photo gallery posted to the top of this article and videos of the first place runs!

Adam Jones Triumphs in FMX Triple Threat


1st Place – Adam Jones

2nd Place – Todd Potter

3rd Place- Takayuki Higashino

4th Place – Nate Adams

5th Place – Blake Williams

6th Place – Mike Mason

7th Place – Lance Coury

8th Place – Jeremy Stenberg

9th Place – Clinton Moore

10th Place – Kyle Loza

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