2019 Dew Tour Long Beach Day 2: Street Practice Photos

With day two of practice in full swing, skaters fully unleashed on the street course giving a beat down on the fresh concert. This year’s street course design is similar to last year’s triangular shape but includes major improvements. For example, this time around California Skateparks beefed up the quarter pipes/hips at the bottom of the course for speed and flow, a path down the middle with that can lead to creative gaps, and multiple hubbas, rails, and ledges to choice from. Overall, watching day 2 of practice left us impressed and wanting more.

Last year’s Dew Tour street champion Yuto Horigome flowing like the wind with a frontside bluntslide on the Mountain Dew hubba.
Torey Pudwill backside Smith grinds just in time for golden hour. Photo: Durso
Mountain Dew rider Sean Malto flew in from Europe the day of and shakes off the jet lag with an over crook.
Nyjah Huston on full send.
Micky Papa staying cautious of scraping his nose on this grind before he gets Wecked.
Mountain Dew’s first female skate athlete Mariah Duran with a proper standing frontside blunt.
Leticia Bufoni stacking clips with Joey Brezinski behind the lens.
Jake Ilardi twisted like a pretzel down the smaller hubba.
Chaz Ortiz dares to 360 flip the center gap.
Carlos Ribeiro keeps the heat off with Barcelona soccer jersey and lays the heat on with a frontside crooked grind.
Pop, flick, and catch. Alexis Sablone with a stylish kickflip.

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