Closing out Dew Tour weekend here at Copper Mountain was the men’s snowboard superpipe final presented by Toyota. History was made with Ayumu Hirano taking the triple cork from practice to landing the first one ever in a competition, and Shaun White calls this his last time in the superpipe at Dew Tour. But at the end of it all, it was Yuto Totsuka on top of the podium with Taylor Gold in second and Ruka Hirano in third place.

Full Men’s Superpipe Final Results

1.) Yuto Totsuka, 95.50
2.) Taylor Gold, 92.00
3.) Ruka Hirano, 89.00
4.) Jan Scherrer, 88.00
5.) Ayumu Hirano, 86.75
6.) Valentino Guseli, 83.00
7.) Shaun White, 82.00
8.) Andre Hoeflich, 80.75
9.) Joey Okesson, 75.75
10.) Chase Josey, 29.25

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