After watching her Japanese teammate Misugu Okamoto dominate with a backside 540 in every contest in 2019, and again in this week’s Semifinal, Sakura Yosozumi decided it was time to break out a 540 of her own that she’d been working on in secret and had never landed in competition before today.

Landing it in Run 4 helped boost her to the top of the podium. “I’ve been working on it for a full year,” Yosozumi said. “I realized anyone who wants to earn a medal in Tokyo should learn a 540.”

Final Results:
1. Sakura Yosozumi
2. Sky Brown
3. Misugu Okamoto
4. Mami Tezuka
5. Kokona Hiraki
6. Bryce Wettstein
7. Kisa Nakamura
8. Jordyn Barratt

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