The men’s ski superpipe final, presented by Toyota had a total of ten competitors with three runs allocated to each. With each passing run, athletes dialed in their tricks and boosted higher than the previous run. After all was said and done, we had Alex Ferreira who beat his own high score and ultimately takes first place. Aaron Blunck takes second and Brendan Mackay finishes in third place.

Full Men’s Ski Superpipe Final Results

1.) Alex Ferreira, 95.75
2.) Aaron Blunck, 94.00
3.) Brendan Mackay, 92.25
4.) Birk Irving, 85.25
5.) David Wise, 85.00
6.) Noah Bowman, 84.00
7.) Simon D’Artois, 78.25
8.) Hunter Hess, 73.25
9.) Lyman Currier, 69.00
10.) Nico Porteous, 61.75

Alex Ferreira Wins Men’s Ski Superpipe Final, Presented by Toyota | Dew Tour Copper 2021

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