Here are the top three winning runs from the men’s ski slopestyle on the first day of finals here at Dew Tour Copper 2021. With each passing run the men upped the ante with being pushed to their limits. Out of ten finalists, it was Colby Stevenson to come out in first place with a high score of 96.25, with Alex Hall in second with a 95.25, and Nick Goepper in third with a 89.50.

Full Men’s Ski Slopestyle Results

1.) Colby Stevenson, 96.25
2.) Alex Hall, 95.25
3.) Nick Goepper, 89.90
4.) Mac Forehand, 87.75
5.) Evan McEachran, 86.50
6.) Fabian Boesch, 85.50
7.) Oliwer Magnusson, 85.25
8.) Etienne Geoffroy Gagnon, 81.00
9.) Finn Bilous, 71.50
10.) Mark Hendrickson, 56.50

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