Eight of the world’s best went for broke in the Women’s Street Final at Dew Tour Des Moines, but two Brazilians, in particular, stole the show podium.

The street format returned to full for the final, with overall points combining the best four scores between two, 45-second runs and five individual best tricks.

First up were the complete runs, which were dominated by two Brazilian women in particular. Numbered one and two in the World Skate rankings, 21-year-old Pamela Rosa and 13-year-old Rayssa Leal stomped both of their runs.

  1. Pamela Rosa
  2. Rayassa Leal
  3. Roos Zwetsloot
  4. Leticia Bufoni
  5. Poe Pinson
  6. Keet Oldenbeuving
  7. Julia Brueckler
  8. Lore Bruggeman

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