With skateparks like Linda Vista, Poods, City Heights, and The YMCA vert ramp, all at your fingertips, it’s no wonder where San Diego native Tate Carew got his transition prowess. Tate commands power with technical difficulty when he drops in and isn’t afraid to take a stale fish overhead high. To better understand how Tate makes it look so easy, we caught him at his local park to break down his skateboard gear and more in his latest Setups video.

Tate Carew’s Skateboard Setup

Skateboard: 8.38 Kevin Baekkel Creature Pro Model
Grip tape: Mob Grip
Trucks: 149 Independent Trucks
Wheels: 54mm Bones Wheels 97a
Hardware: …Huh… Hardware
Bearings: Bronson Speed Co. Raw

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