Thursday night at 2022 Dew Tour Des Moines served as a prequel for the weekend’s main event with an impromptu cash jam on the street course. The session focused on the Tech Deck ledge, Air Force Wings, and MTN DEW nine-stair handrail— the three modified and enhanced features at Lauridsen built by California Skateparks. Watch all the hammers that went down on the street course from the cash jam featuring: Carlos Ribeiro, Yuto Horigome, Shane O’Neill, Chloe Covell, Sean Malto, Jamie Foy, Chris “Cookie” Colbourn, Rayssa Leal, Chris Joslin, Jake Ilardi, Funa Nakayama, Mariah Duran, Dashawn Jordan, Gustavo Ribeiro, Felipe Nunes, Kelvin Hoefler, and Vincent Milou.

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