Skateboarder Manny Santiago is going to the Olympics. That’s right; skateboarding is making its Olympic debut at the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan, where Manny Santiago will be representing his birth country of Puerto Rico. Manny first stepped on a skateboard in Lowell, Massachusetts, where his momentum drove him to pro stardom in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. With a decade’s worth of pro status and a competitive career that roots back even further, it’s safe to say Manny knows his way around a competition arena. Now, residing in the mecca of skateboarding in California, Manny has found a lifestyle that keeps his health in tiptop shape, continues to make skateboarding fun and proceeds to evolve his bag of tricks to stay on par with the best. Follow Manny along in the video above as he shows us his early morning skate routine, healthy eating and recovery practices, social life at home, and more.

Filming: Collin Schwartz (@vintagelonglens) and Josh Henderson (@peacocksk8)

Editing: Collin Schwartz

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