Finding gear that’s comfortable and fits correctly is the most vital aspect of an enjoyable day on the hill. One surprising fact that you’ll learn from Toby Miller’s Setups video is that he relies on women’s boots and bindings to ensure a tight fit that lives up to his high standards. Because, let’s face it, the last thing you want any wiggle room before hucking a switch double cork in the pipe. Get the full rundown on Toby Miller’s snowboard gear, tweaks, and personal touches in his Setups video above.

Toby Miller’s Snowboard Setup

Snowboard: DC Mega 153cm
Bindings: Burton Lexa
Boots: DC Lotus BOA
Goggles: Poc
Gloves: Custom DC Mix-n-Match Mittens
Headphones: Bose Earbuds
Helmet: Red Bull Custom Edition
Outerwear: DC Pants with Ethika Shoestring Belt
Baselayer: Basic Black Longsleeve
Bag: Douchebags Backpack

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