If you’ve got your name on a snowboard, you’re probably doing something right. This season, snowboard slopestyle rider Kyle Mack will be repping his signature Signal Disruptor board, along with a few other key pieces of gear including his top picks for outerwear, mitts, goggles, and more.

Given enough time on snow, you eventually figure out the exact way you like your setup to be dialed in. Learn about some of the personal adjustments and techniques Kyle utilizes, and get the full details on all of his go-to snowboard gear in his Setups video above.

Kyle Mack’s Snowboard Setup

Snowboard: Signal Disruptor 156 cm
Bindings: Union Atlas
Goggles: Blenders
Mittens: 686
Jacket: 686 x Primitive Collab
Pants: 686 Kyle Mack Track Pant
Boots: 32 Jeremy Jones
Facemask: GG Custom

Music: @suburbannn

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