In our latest Setups video, we speak with skateboarder Alec Majerus as he gives us all the details of his current whip. Alec describes the exact shape and profile he likes his Flip skateboard while also explaining a few new changes he’s trying in the truck, bushing, and wheel department. Hear it all from Alec in the video above and check out an itemized list of all his skateboard parts below.

Alec Majerus’ Skateboard Setup

Skateboard: 8.38 Flip
Grip Tape: Mob Grip
Trucks: 148 Thunder Hallows
Bushings: Bones Medium
Wheels: 54mm Spitfire Formula Four
Bearings: Bronson shieldless
Hardware: Biggest Little
Apparel: Volcom
Shoes: Adidas Matchcourt

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