Van tours, globetrotting, and filming between competitions are portions of a hectic summer schedule for hungry skateboarder Liam Pace. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Liam built a strong foundation by skateboarding every day he could and skating all types of terrain. His tenacity paid off, winning competitions at King of the Groms at an early age and sponsors taking notice. Fully committing to his dream of making it in skateboarding, Liam moved to Oceanside, California, where he’s closer to the industry, a plethora of skateparks, and his friends. Observe what a typical day is like for Liam as he shows us his home routine, meets Jesse Lindloff and more friends at their local skatepark, cools off and relaxes with new hobbies, and caps the day off with fresh ink from his friend Fabian Iezzi. All this and more are in Liam’s Aimless video above.

Video: Collin Schwartz and Josh Peacock

Editing: Collin Schwartz

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