In this episode of Aimless, we headed inland to check in with CJ Collins at his home in Victorville, CA. During our visit, CJ fills us in on a recent motorcycle accident that has kept him off his board for the past three months. CJ shakes off the cobwebs, gets back on the board, and shows us his backyard skatepark, rips Harley down to his work-in-progress vintage clothing store, and caps off the day with some pyrotechnical entertainment. Stay tuned for more Aimless episodes to come, right here on Dew

About Aimless:

What’s a day in the life of your favorite athlete like? We decided to find out. Between traveling for weeks at a time, premiere tours, video projects, competitions, and more, daily life for an athlete can be unorthodox. With no external pressures or plans, we’ll document their day as they naturally unfold and provide a glimpse into a lifestyle not often seen by the spotlight, creating a unique chance to see how your favorite skiers, snowboarders, and skaters thrive in their environments.

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