In this Head 2 Head battle, we focus on Yuto Horigome and two of his spine-twisting hammers down the 11-stair hubba from Dew Tour Des Moines. First, we examine his nollie backside 180, locking in both trucks into a 50-50 grind. This terrifying maneuver not only has Yuto popping off the nose of his board but also blinding spinning above the hubba before grinding down. Next up, we look at his switch 180 to 50-50 grind down. Let’s unravel this twist of a move; most notable is that Yuto does the switch 180 onto the hubba the hard way, meaning he has to get his back foot up, over, and in front of him before coming down onto the hubba. Which trick do you like the most? Let us know with a comment below.

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