Jumping into the hot seat on episode 21 of The Bomb Hole podcast is Mountain Dew’s very own Danny Davis. Hosts Chris Grenier and Ethan Stone Foriter cover a plethora of topics with Danny starting with early snowboard life, the birth of the Frends crew, Peace Park, what inspires Danny’s snowboarding, and so much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Danny Davis.


Early Days | 00:00:47
Birth Of The Frends Crew | 00:12:50
Contest Stress | 00:18:59
What Do You Do WIth All Your Cheddar Biscuits? | 00:32:46
Name That Video Part | 00:43:40
Burton’s “One World” | 00:51:05
Product Tech Talk | 01:02:49
Losing Jake Burton | Kevin Pierce | 01:14:09
What Inspires Danny Davis’s Snowboarding | 01:20:17
Danny’s ATV Accident | Staying Humble | 01:43:24
Peace Pipe | Get Out And Vote | P.O.W. | 01:52:51
Derek The Rig | The Future For Danny Davis | 02:05:32
How To Lose Cheddar Biscuits | Frends Head Phones | Frendly Gathering | 02:20:58

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