This season, Chloe Kim made the dramatic switch from being a globe-trotting professional snowboarder to a normal college student almost overnight. Things, like decorating a dorm room or setting her own schedule, were foreign ideas to someone who was used to constantly being on the move, in a new city and hotel room every few days. “I did make a lot of sacrifices. I didn’t really go to school, so I was really socially awkward for a long time. I think I’m better now. I didn’t know anything but snowboarding,” says Chloe, “I’ve lived in a bubble until now, and that’s crazy to me.” Adjusting to a brand new life, a new schedule, as well as new places and friends, would be a daunting task for anyone, and Chloe is taking it all in stride. Hear more of her story in her second episode of Beyond the Bib Season Four, now playing on

Directed by Jeremy Pettit

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