Here are the winning runs from a heated battle in the men’s snowboard superpipe final here at dew tour from Copper Mountain. Raibu Katayama was the first to break into the 90s, blasting out of the pipe for the fans to enjoy; Raibu rounds out the podium in third place. Ayumu Hirano, with a clutch fourth and final run in the men’s snowboard superpipe, taking the top spot with a high score of 96.66! Taylor Gold held on till the end, not giving up on his run and finally putting it all together on his 4th attempt stomping it and receiving a 91.33 from the judges for a second-place finish.

Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Final Results

1.) Ayumu Hirano, 96.66
2.) Taylor Gold, 91.33
3.) Raibu Katayama, 90.00
4.) Ryan Wachendorfer, 87.66
5.) Josh Bowman, 76.33
6.) Jason Wolle, 73.00
7.) Danny Davis, 68.00
8.) Sidd Ullah, 44.00

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