Reading a letter that she wrote to herself when she was 19-years-old, Amy Purdy reflects on the first time her world was flipped upside down as she now faces a new challenge. Her latest situation has given her a new perspective on life, while experiencing firsthand the depths of life’s highs and lows. Instead of despair, Amy has decided to channel her experience and learnings into something positive by sharing her story with others, many of whom are dealing with obstacles of their own, both large and small. By stepping out of her comfort zone and sharing those difficult stories, she hopes to open the conversation on social media for those who have struggles of their own. Contemplating what it means to ‘get better’ Amy realizes, “We can get so attached to thinking that life will begin when I’m better. And in our minds, we think that better means what we were before. But you can be even better by embracing where you are today. It’s about stepping forward.”

Directed by Jeremy Pettit

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