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Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company has been making loyal pawns out of skateboarders since 1993. Started by Ed Templeton, the company has his artistic flair and subversive humor in its DNA. Many Skateboarding legends have graced the team roster, such as Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, Donny Barley, Bam Margera and Elissa Steamer, and the Toy Machine team videos, Welcome to Hell and Jump Off a Building should be required viewing for any skateboarder. The Toy Machine tradition of stacking their team with creative, progressive, and gnarly riders continues with their current line-up of Colin Provost, Billy Marks, Leo Romero, Dan Lutheran, Josh Harmony, Matt Bennett, Blake Carpenter and Jeremy Leabres. In 2010, Leo Romero won Thrasher‘s Skater of the Year award and in 2011 Toy Machine won TransWorld‘s prestigious Best Team and Best Video awards for their film Brainwash, continuing the legacy of radness that Toy Machine has built over the last twenty-three years.

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