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About: At a time when skateboarders didn’t really have a say in skateboard companies Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero took matters into their own hands and started Real. In 1991 the company opened its doors under the Deluxe Distribution umbrella and brought the raw, unfiltered, San Francisco style to the forefront of skateboarding. With an original team lineup of legendary riders including Keith Hufnagel and Max Schaff, the current team is also comprised of Peter Ramondetta, Dennis Busenitz, Ishod Wair, James Hardy, Justin Brock, Jake Donnelly, Chima Ferguson, Kyle Walker, JT Aultz, Davis Torgerson, Robbie Brockel, and Ernie Torres. Real took the honors of Best Team at the 2012 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards due in large part to their video, Since Day One. Their charity organization, Action REALized has raised money for causes like childhood leukemia research and victims of the Japanese tsunami. For 25 years, Real has been pushing skateboarding and is showing no sign of stopping.

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