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Since the brand’s inception in 1991, Plan B has always represented the most progressive skateboarders in the world. Formed with the idea of making skateboarding’s own dream team it was revealed that Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Rodney Mullen, Sean Sheffey, Pat Duffy, Colin McKay and Danny Way would make up the initial roster. The company then proceeded to change the skateboarding world with its impressive lineup of videos, such as Questionable, Virtual Reality, and Second Hand Smoke. In 2005, Plan B sent shockwaves through the industry yet again when it announced that Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Gallant, PJ Ladd, and Brian Wenning would be the new dream team of the re-launched Plan B. In 2014, the brand continued its track record of mind-blowing team videos with the release of True and introduced the world to the relatively unknown phenom, Chris Joslin.

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