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Founded in 1992 by ex-pro Andy Howell and Johnny Schillereff, Element Skateboards is one of skateboarding’s legacy brands. Built on the principles of progression, creativity, and imagination, Element has fostered some of the most talented skaters and artists in the industry. From Howell and Jeff Pang to Mike Vallely and Bam Margera, to Nyjah Huston, the brand has has always supported creative, unique, and gifted people who help push skateboarding’s limits. In fact, it’s difficult to find a part of skateboarding that hasn’t been influenced by Element, one of its team riders, or its efforts to push the sport forward. It’s little wonder Element claimed TWS’s Best Team Award in 2013. Today, Element is a household name, and their team is stacked with a diverse and impressive list of skaters like Nyjah, Evan Smith, Mason Silva, and Greyson Fletcher.

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