Each year, with every event since our first Dew Tour in 2005, Dew Tour has taken immense pride in uplifting our community through self-expression and exploring the world through the culture of action sports. In order to achieve our initial goals, Dew Tour was conceived to bring the action sports community together to strengthen industry relationships and create opportunities for athletes and fans alike. Each year since 2005, Dew Tour has only grown in sowing deeper roots from each action sports industry to their community in a competitive and celebratory venue for all to attend.

15 years later, full of unforgettable moments and an uncountable amount of contests, we’re just as bummed as you are that we’re unable to put on our annual Dew Tour due to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, we thought this would be a great time to recap some of the most memorable moments from Dew Tour and the rad accomplishments from MTN Dew in 2019. We know nothing is a substitute for the real thing but we’re hoping some of these moments from 2019 help fuel the stoke til we can safely come together for Dew Tour again.

We’re scheduled for Dew Tour 2021, no doubt about it. When and if it’s safe to do so, we’ll be there. Until then, we encourage everyone to remain safe by following proper local protocols. Also, we encourage you to remember the good times with our Top Moments from MTN Dew and Dew Tour 2019.

Top Moments Dew Tour Long Beach
Photo Credit: Ferra
Aurelien Giraud

Top Moments from Dew Tour 2019

Aurelien Giraud Wins 2019 Street Finals in Dew Tour Debut

One of the defining aspects of Dew Tour has always been to provide an opportunity for athletes to showcase their skating to the world. Aurelien Giraud is a testament to this defining Dew Tour cornerstone when Aurelien took home the first place crown at his Dew Tour debut. It’s hard enough to make your Dew Tour debut, let alone win the entire contest. But when you take a look at Aurelien’s runs, you see there was never a doubt this ripper deserved it. Especially when Aurelien started to go toe-to-toe with Sora Shirai who kicked off the contest with a hardflip frontside board down the eight stair rail. The Frenchman Aurelien saw the 9.00 of Sora and stepped up the trick by taking the hardflip boardslide to fakie; earning him the second-highest score of the contest at 9.13. Aurelien proved he has nerves of steel and that he will be back for more Dew Tour contests for many years to come.

Pamela Rosa repeats in Women’s 2019 Street Finals 

It’s hard enough to win any podium spot at our Dew Tour competitions. After all, we invite the top skateboarders in the world to compete in each and every contest. For Pamela Rosa to repeat back-to-back first place wins in Women’s Street Finals, is an impressive feat that cannot go understated. The Brazilian phenom pulled from her bag of tricks a backside lipslide down the eight stair handrail, landing her the highest score of the entire contest at an impressive 6.10. You don’t have to just take our word for it. You can watch the live webcast HERE, from our 2019 Women’s Street Final in Dew Tour Long Beach. Watching this young ripper grow up before our eyes to be one of the dominant forces in women’s contest skating was truly one of the top moments from Dew Tour 2019.

Top Moments Dew Tour Long Beach
Photo Credit: Ferra
Pamela Rosa

Pedro Barros Takes Men’s Park First Place 

We had to include Pedro’s Barros 1st Place Men’s Park from our 2019 Dew Tour for the sake of skateboarding. Pedro only knows how to skate one way, with intense passion and brutal creativity the skate disciples have grown to worship. Once again, we arrive at the altar of gnarliness to praise Pedro who’s 2019 Dew Tour run left nothing to be desired. Well, besides us wanting his run to never end. We’re talking multiple 540 grabs several feet above coping in our slam ready cement park with no room for error. Pedro blasts through every pocket, over every possible gap somehow gaining more speed as the run progresses. We all know Pedro for his disregard for his body when skating the streets, and the young man accomplished some of skating’s gnarliest tricks these past few years. To see him extend his legacy into our park series was truly one of the top moments of Dew Tour 2019.

Tech Deck Dew Tour Long Beach

At Dew Tour, since our very first contests, we’ve strived to connect industry companies to the action sports community; and we have done so by forging meaningful partnerships across a plethora of brands and companies. Our partnership with Tech Deck for our 2019 Dew Tour was exactly that. We’ve all as skateboarders have had countless hours of fun with a Tech Deck, but in 2019 we got to meet some of the incredible people behind the brand and hear more about their overall mission. Which is really the same as skateboarding; inspiring people to have fun.  With Tech Deck athletes Torey Pudwill, TJ Rogers, and Steven Vasquez signing autographs, a Tech Deck skate competition, and overall good vibes, we’re always stoked to have a brand partner who spreads the love and positivity of skateboarding; especially in their own unique way. Check out our recap video and see for yourself how Tech Deck’s booth was one of the top moments from Dew Tour 2019.

Top Moments Dew Tour Long Beach
Photo Credit: Donez
From left to right: TJ Rogers, Steven Vasquez, and Torey Pudwill.

Secret Walls Art Battle, Wizard Skull Vs Cooper

Dew Tour is all about having fun but let’s not forget Dew Tour is a competition-based circuit where there can only be one winner. That being said, we love to include as many contests as possible, including this illustrious Secret Walls art battle we put on for the second year in a row. Our Secret Walls contest features Dew Tour resident artist Cooper and the challenging Wizard Skull. The idea is pretty simple. We place the two artists head to head in a timed art battle, where they each have 90-minutes to create a masterpiece for our Dew Tour judges. With a little help from their friends and a couple hundred people watching over their shoulders, Dew Tour fans watched and marveled as their creations were born before their eyes. We won’t spoil the winner for you. Instead, we encourage you to watch our recap video and decide for yourself. We’re definitely bringing back the Secret Walls contest for our 2021 Dew Tour.

Top Moments Dew Tour Long Beach
Photo Credit: Donez

Top Moments from MTN DEW 2019

Launch of Theotis Beasley’s Make It Happen  

Theotis Beasley has always been one of the most positive people in skateboarding. It’s just one of the many reasons we wanted to partner with Theotis for Make It Happen presented by MTN Dew. We could write a book on what we’re aiming to accomplish with Make It Happen, but Theotis really said it best: “To all the young kids that’s growing up out there, first of all just be yourself. Don’t let somebody tell you you can do something that you want to do in life. Always follow your heart and stay around positive people. The more people you stay around that’s positive, the better the outcome.” The concept was realized when Theotis reflected on his upbringing in Inglewood, California, and how easily he could have gone down the wrong path if it wasn’t for the positive influences in his life. Now, Theotis will Make It happen by meeting up with young skaters to spend an entire day with the Pro skater, so they can see what it takes to be a Pro and develop the positive mindset needed to have a better outcome in life. More than just having fun for a day, Theotis is inspiring these kids to ‘make something happen’. It’s more than just having fun skating but using your passion to go on to create positive forces in your life. It’s partnerships and projects like Make It Happen that drive us at MTN Dew and Dew Tour. We couldn’t be more proud of this moment from 2019 as we look forward to it’s ongoing concept when the Covid pandemic has passed.

Mountain Dew welcomes Mariah Duran to the Dew skate team

Mountain Dew has always strived to put the world’s best skateboarders in a contest series and content platform that bridges the industry and community together. The same is true for our skateboarding team. When Mariah won the 2018 Dew Tour Long Beach Zumiez Destroyer Award for best trick, we knew we had to have her on the team. We’re talking about one of the world’s best skateboarders and brightest smiles representing our crew in the most positive and gnarly ways possible. Mariah at her young age has already accomplished so much, including 5 X-Games medals, several Street League and Dew Tour podium visits, and two full street parts that led her to turn Pro for Meow Skateboarders. Even more impressive, Mariah will be representing Team USA in the first-ever Skateboarding Olympic Games. To welcome this extremely passionate and accomplished skateboarder to the Mountain Dew skate family was truly one of the top moments of the entire year. Whenever the Olympics finally happens, we’ll be rooting for Mariah!

Modern Lines,

What is “Modern Lines?” It’s a one-of-a-kind skateboarding course with Curren Caples, Sean Malto, Chris Colbourn, Mariah Duran and more presented by Dew Tour and MTN Dew. When MTN Dew set out to create Modern Lines, we wanted to create a one-of-a-kind experience for skaters to maneuver their style, flow, and creative street and transition skateboarding in an all in one course. As Dew Tour has constructed skateparks all around the world, we’ve learned a ton about how to construct skateparks in a myriad of circumstances. From bringing in semi-trucks to pop up a contest in the middle of a downtown metropolis, to our annual Long Beach Dew Tour, one might say there is nobody more qualified to extend the possibilities of what a skate park can look like, let alone bring out the best of the skaters skating it. We invited some of the world’s top skateboarders to embark on a high-speed course where street and transition meet head-on in a course designed by CA Ramp Works; one of the world’s leading designers and skatepark builders. This skatepark NBD was bigger than anything we could have hoped for. If for some reason you missed it we invite you to check it out once more. Careful, melted faces may ensue.

We apologize once again we were unable to put on our annual Dew Tour in Long Beach, California this 2020. We’re aiming to have our contest back in 2021, if and when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to practice social distancing and maintain guidelines outlined by your local health officials. We also hope you remember the good times and do your best to remind yourself how fortunate we are to be in love with something like skateboarding and action sports. No matter what happens in 2021, together if we ensure our passion for our industries and communities do not waiver, we can get through anything.

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