In a Dew Tour rematch for the ages, Sky Brown triumphed over her good friend Sakura Yosozumi, one year after taking second and helping translate the winner’s circle interview for Yosozumi. With Cocona Hiraki in 3rd, it’s a podium trio skate fans are getting used to: they also took the medals at the Tokyo Olympics and last week at X Games. 

sky brown 2022 dew tour
Photo Credit: Durso
Ocean Brown (left), Sky Brown (middle), and Chloe Covell (right).

“I wouldn’t be here without them,” Brown says of the special relationship the three share as rivals and as the tip of progression in women’s skateboarding. “Watching them post tricks, learning new tricks together, and just skating with them really pushes me and we really push each other: we’re really good friends so being on the podium with them, battling with them, skating with them, traveling the world with them, it’s really been an incredible adventure so far. I’m so stoked to have them and so stoked we all got on the podium again.”

Yosozumi took Best Trick honors in the contest, for her backside noseblunt revert on the banked extension ramp.


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Brown has the two highest scoring runs of the contest. Her best, in Run 3, included an off-axis frontside 360, frontside stalefish air in the deep end, alley-oop transfer over the hip, backside tailslide through the corner, backside lipslide on the quarterpipe, melon air over the box jump, tuck-knee invert, backside Smith grind, frontside Ollie, frontside nosegrind, frontside 540, and backside noseblunt Indy pull-in at the buzzer.

sky brown 2022 dew tour
Photo Credit: Durso
Sakura Yosozumi.

The obvious crowd favorite, Brown said the cheering fans in Des Moines and her many supporters on social media helped bring her the win: as she skated off she shouted to the crowd, “This one’s for you!”

sky brown 2022 dew tour
Photo Credit: Muller
Cocona Hiraki.

“I definitely do feel some responsibility to skate my best when all these girls are cheering for me,” Brown said, after the podium presentation. “I’ll think, ‘I’ve got to do this for them!’ Seeing positive comments and Instagram stories and video edits from my fans is also so nice to see: I’m so glad I have great fans and so thankful for their support.”

Lizzie Armanto.

After trading the top spot back and forth in recent events, Brown is quick to downplay any use of the word rivalry when it comes to Yosozumi, whom she regards as an older sister and close friend.

2022 dew tour
Photo Credit: Muller

“We’re just playing, honestly,” Brown says. “This is our playground and we’re just having fun.

Women’s Park Results

1.) Sky Brown, 89.66
2.) Sakura Yosozumi, 83.00
3.) Cocona Hiraki, 82.66
4.) Mami Tezuka, 72.00
5.) Bryce Wettstein, 67.00
6.) Jordyn Barratt, 66.00
7.) Lizzie Armanto, 49.00
8.) Kisa Nakamura, 33.66

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