Last week we scrubbed through the 2019 Dew Tour Long Beach street final in search of the highest scores in the men’s division. This time around, we took a look at the women’s street final and rounded up the highest scores from the best trick portion. Scroll on down below to watch Haley Wilson, Candy Jacobs, Aori Nishimura, Yumeka Oda, and Pamela Rosa throw down hammers!

Hayley Wilson

Aussie native Hayley Wilson sets the stage straight out of the gate with a bigspin frontside boardslide on her first trick attempt earning a 5.40.

Candy Jacobs

Candy Jacobs from the Netherlands locks in on a frontside Smith grind down the eight stair handrail on her first trick attempt. Judges rewarded Candy with a score of 5.33.

Aori Nishimura

The next big score would come from Japan’s Aori Nishimura on her second best trick attempt. Rolling up to the eight stair rail, Aori strikes down a solid crooked grind earning a score of 5.20.

Yumeka Oda

The youngest competitor in the final was Yumeka Oda of Japan, who fiercely stomps a kickflip down the eight stair set, landing nothing but bolts. Judges were pleased and rewarded Yumeka with a 5.16.

Pamela Rosa

Last but not least is Brazil’s Pamela Rosa, who would take first place in the women’s street final. A backside lipslide down the eight stair handrail landed her a score of 6.10.

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