Skateboarder Tate Carew is a young park ripper hailing from San Diego, CA where he takes full advantage of the plentiful amount of skateparks within arms reach. We recently spoke to Tate to learn more about his favorite types of music and check out his custom playlist. Surprisingly, he favors rap music and mostly finds songs and artists on Soundcloud. Scroll through our interview to catch up with Tate and stream his music playlist in the latest On Rotation.

What kind of music do you like listening to?
I listened to a lot of stuff, but mainly right now, I’ve just been listening to a lot of rap.

Who are the rap artists you are listening to?
Lil Baby right now is definitely at the top and Lil Mosey too. Those are like the two main ones.

Is that that what you throw on to hype you up to go skate?

Who got you into rap?
I just always heard it. A lot of my friends I go skate with, they all listened to that. I wasn’t really into music very much, and I started liking it more, and it just brought me more interest.

Tate Carew
Photo Credit: Strand

What about when you were younger? Do you remember what you were listening to back then?
It was more rock and skater music because rap isn’t what skaters usually listen to, I guess, but I was more listening to rock and heavier stuff. It definitely wasn’t rap.

Who were some of those rock artists?
Yeah, it was like Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, and that kind of stuff.

How else are you finding new music these days?
Normally if I’m just in the car with my friends, they’ll be playing music, and then if I hear a song I like, I’ll add it to my playlist. But if it’s not like that, I follow some of the artists on, like, my social media, and then whenever they post something new, I’ll go check it out. If I like it then I’ll add that to my playlist.

Do you use Spotify to play your music?
I have two platforms that I use, Spotify and SoundCloud. SoundCloud has more of the underground rappers. Apple Music doesn’t have some of the more low key rappers on there.

So you like finding those artists that are still coming up?
Yeah, exactly.

Do you have any favorite skate videos that the music had an impact on you?
Not exactly. I really didn’t watch that much skating as I was growing up. I could never watch a skate video for more than a couple minutes because after watching it for a couple of minutes, I would get all hyped up and want to go skate. So I really didn’t watch that much skating when I was little.

Do you ever rock the headphones in while skating with friends?
I have a few times, but they always fall out of my ear, and I end up taking them out.

What about when you’re competing?
Yeah, I have a lot recently. In the past couple of contests in practice, I would throw in my headphones.

What type of song would you use for a video part?
I like listening to rap a lot, but I think parts with a mellow song with a good beat I think are super sick—kind of like a classic rock sort of thing. Then towards the end, it speeds up, and that’s where all your bangers are. Something like that would be sick. I don’t know how to explain it, but I don’t think I would use rap for a part.

Do you like going to concerts?
I’ve never been to a concert. I was going to go to a show with one of my friends with a lot of the hot rap artists that are out right now. Then it got canceled because of the Coronavirus.

If Corona were to end tomorrow, who would you want to see live first?
Lil Baby. All In, We Paid, and Sum 2 Prove are some of my favorites right now.

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