Silverado skatepark is a 5,000 square foot park built on an old basketball court located on the west side of Long Beach, CA. Separated by the Los Angeles River from the rest of the city, this skatepark is the only skatepark in West Long Beach. The park elements are those relocated from the Michael K. Green and Bixby (Cherry) skateparks after each were refurbished. Dew Tour also donated elements in 2018. The park has undergone many repairs over the years. Due to the excessive use, most cannot be repaired and render the park useless without the exception of a few elements.

Silverado Skatepark

Action Sports Kids (ASK) Long Beach seeks financial support to re-vamp the park with some new elements and relocating those that are still skate-able. A collaborative design between Spohn Ranch Skateparks and Keen Ramps, for a new, all-concrete park is ready to be built and now just needs the funding to complete the build. They are working closely with industry sponsors in the city of Long Beach to make this a reality for youth. The area surrounding the skatepark is predominantly low-income, with many at-risk youths with few recreational opportunities.

Silverado Skatepark

ASK hopes to raise funding as much as possible whether in phases or hopefully all at once. The office has approved the project by the councilman and the City of Long Beach Parks, Recreation, and Marine Department. This is our opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of youth in Long Beach throughout the region.

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