Few skate as tech in streets as Chaz Ortiz and his ease on the board is unmatched. Since his days as a Chicago grom winning the Gatorade Free Flow Tour back in 2007, Ortiz has always put together trick combinations without stress. As of late, he’s currently wrapping up a fresh video part for DGK dropping August 25,

Despite 2020 serving up wild times for the entire world, Ortiz has kept his life rolling on smoother than ever.

Ortiz has not only found a new skate family, but he has also found the time to keep his off-board life in balance. Ortiz got married earlier this year, although not exactly as they had originally planned, and has since been living the married life—he couldn’t be happier.

We connected with Chaz Ortiz to hear how he has handled this anything-but-ordinary year. Ortiz came through with a cool and calm interview, per his character. A true man of few words.

Chaz Ortiz
Photo Credit: Papke
Chaz ended his Dew Tour hiatus at the 2017 Long Beach competition.

Thanks for taking some time to connect for a couple questions. First, congrats on joining DGK! How did that come about? Any DGK projects in the works?
Thank you so much for that, I appreciate it. I have always been friends with Stevie [Williams] and [Josh] Kalis, so it just worked out. I didn’t want to settle for less, it just made sense. A part is coming.

Second, congrats on your recent marriage! When did you get married? Was it during this pandemic, and did that affect anything?
Yes, I got lucky. I love my wife, married life is beautiful. We got married and are still going to do a destination wedding. So, we got married at the courthouse [earlier this year], but everything else we had to postpone. But, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

What have you been up to during these COVID times? Do you still have your TF in Chicago?
I just hang out with wifey and workout a lot. I do not have my TF anymore… I love to cook, though. It keeps me busy.

Chaz Ortiz
Photo Credit: Ortiz
In the not so distant past, Chaz owned his own private skatepark in his hometown of Chicago.

Do you have any immediate post-pandemic plans? Any travels in the works, or skate contests you are hoping to get back to?
There are always travels in the works. We are getting back to the contest mode, too—been working.

As far as contests go, what are your thoughts about the Olympics? Is that something you are interested in?
I mean, I am not knocking [Olympic skateboarding]. If it happens, it happens.

How about the qualifier events, or non-olympic contests, are you still interested and looking forward to skating in events? Or are you more focussed on the streets right now?
It’s changed a lot. A lot of people haven’t earned their stripes, no Tony the Tigers, but it is what it is.

Chaz Ortiz
Photo Credit: Ortiz
2010 was a banner year for Chaz, winning first place at all three Dew Tour stops and ultimately winning the Dew Tour Cup.

Looking back at the years of Dew Tours, do you have any standout moments you’ll never forget? Didn’t you win a Free Flow event to skate in your first Dew?
I loved every Dew moment! All good times.

What’d you think when the Dew Tour came to Chicago? Does it make it harder for you to skate a contest in front of more friends and family?
It was cool, and I hope they do it again. It is good to show the youth!

I remember a couple years ago when Dew Tour was in Long Beach Steve-O rode his bicycle from L.A. to watch you skate. What’s your relationship like with Steve-O?
Steve is the man, hands down! That’s all.

Holding it down at Dew Tour in his home town Chi-City!

Noticed you recently got a new tattoo during quarantine. Was it done at a tattoo parlor or a private studio?
Yeah, I go to a private studio for my big shit from Jose Jr Perez–best in the biz–but I also get tatted randomly. Funny you mention that, because I don’t even realize the tats.

Alright, random question to start wrapping up with. Heard you were working on a documentary of sorts. What’s the story?
Yeah, a documentary is coming soon with my best friend that got me into skating. It just so happens he films, so it’s gonna be sick.

What else is going on in your world?
I wake up at 6:30 am every day, even if I go out drinking. I box, workout, and sleep… oh, and everything with my wife.

Well, that covers what I had for you. Any parting words for the skate world?
Everything is in a weird time, so you guys stay safe. Chaz loves you!

Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, jazz music, and its many museums. It is also home to this skateable sea wall that wraps around the shore line and faces Lake Michigan.

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