Pamela Rosa Repeats Win in Women’s Street Final at Dew Tour Long Beach 2019

United States Olympic Qualifier ends with two Brazilians and a Dutch on the podium.

Reigning women’s street champion Pamela Rosa. Photo: Ferra

The music and skateboarding started early on the last day of Dew Tour Long Beach 2019, and the ladies were lighting up the street course preparing for the Women’s Street Final. Well before the competition start time, professionals were practicing the exact runs that would potentially take them to the top of the first podium of the weekend.

Aori Nishimura had frontside feeble on lock all weekend long. Photo: Ferra

During the women’s practice session they were briefly joined by legendary lady ripper, Vanessa Torres. Torres has been working the role of judge this week, adding her expert insight to the crew trying to attached scores to unique style.

Second place winner Leticia Bufoni. Photo: Ferra

In true Olympic fashion, once the contest was ready to begin the host country played its national anthem before officially opening the day of competition. From the original 28 women skating from 14 different countries, only eight ladies from five nations remained but only one would take home the win in addition to a staggering amount of Olympic qualification points.

Hayley_wilson_womens_street_final_long_beach_durso 2
Hayley Wilson making it all the way up and across the kick rail. Photo: Durso

Unfortunately for everyone, spectators especially, Mariah Duran took a heavy spill during the practice while trying to kickflip 50-50 the 6-stair hubba. Though Duran was able to step on her board to skate in the competition, it was clear from the look on her face that she was carrying pain in her lower back. Duran did her best, though, and stomped a beautiful hard flip backside 180 over the hip in her run, and then again during the single trick format.

Candy Jacobs snagged third place as her first podium finish. Photo: Ferra

Some of the best skating of the event came from Brazil’s Leticia Bufoni, as to be expected. Her best run opened with a backside feeble to setup for a tailslide fakie on the 6-stair hubba before she turned around to front feeble the rail in her path. She ended her run with a combination beginning with a 360 flip over the hip and then a backside lipslide on the A-frame. Bufoni’s best single-trick score came from her lipslide on the Boost Mobile 8-stair handrail.

Lacey_baker_womens_street_final_long_beach_durso 3
Lacey Baker nose manual all the way around the corner ledge. Photo: Durso

“Of course there is more pressure, but it is just another competition. I get nervous before every competition, but at the end of the day it is fun being out here skating with friends. It feels good to be in it together,” concluded Bufoni, when asked to speak about the change in atmosphere around events for Olympic qualification. “Women’s skateboarding has changed 100 percent. There is more support for women, more contest to enter, support from our countries to compete and there are way more girls getting into the sport.”

Pamela Rosa 1_Womens Street Final_STRAND
Pamela Rosa feeling like Rocky after another victory. Photo: Strand

Despite Leticia Bufoni’s best efforts her best run score and single trick scores of the event were not enough to claim the victory this year. In fact, both the highest run and single-trick scores came from last year’s Dew Tour champion, Pamela Rosa.

Pamela Rosa Leticia Bufoni 5_Womens Street Final_STRAND
Both Leticia and Pamela winning it for their home country of Brazil. Photo: Strand

Rosa’s run was in a league of its own including tricks like a frontside nose grind down the 6-stair hubba, board sliding across and down one of the rails and ended with both a frontside smith grand and then a frontside lipslide down the Boost Mobile 8-stair handrail. Then, during the single-trick section she crooked grinned the handrail.

Mariah Duran took a gnarly spill during practice before the contest, but she shook it off and got her runs in. Photo: Ferra

After her runs, Rosa said she dedicated her skating today to Mariah Duran for continuing to skate on after getting hurt.

Yumeka Oda with a stylish crook down the hubba. Photo: Durso

Rosa returned to the top of the podium to claim back-to-back Dew Tour titles, her fellow Brazilian, Bufoni earned second on the day, and Dutch skater, Candy Jaobs found her first-ever pro podium with a third place finish.

Wmns final
Podium winners: Pamela Rosa in first (middle), Leticia Bufoni in second (left), and Candy Jacobs in third (right). Photo: Durso

Women’s Street Final Results 

1.) Pamela Rosa, BRA 21.4
2.) Leticia Bufoni, BRA 19.0
3.) Candy Jacobs, NED 17.9
4.) Hayley Wilson, USA 16.8
5.) Yumeka Oda, JPN 16.0
6.) Aori Nishimura, JPN 15.1
7.) Mariah Durnan, USA 11.2
8.) Lacey Baker, USA 9.2

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