Taylor Brooke Lundquist is a skier that possesses a stunning style that is sure to excite. Just take a look at one, if not all three, of her latest video parts—Bermuda, HUM, and SKIVAS—that all released in the last few months and you’ll see what we mean. We caught up with Taylor over the phone to dig into her diverse music taste and queue up a 15 track custom playlist.

What’s your favorite type of music?
That’s so hard. I’m all over the place. I wrote down some things just before our phone call, and there’s like 100 here. So yeah, going from ShitKid to Frank Ocean, UMI, to this super sick band that I’m into called Wild Painting, Briston Maroney, Arlo Park. All over the board, from rap to punk. I find myself listening to a lot of soulful women artists. Georgia Smith and things like that.

That’s awesome; you named off a wide variety of artists. How do you come across all these different types of artists and genres?
Spotify is definitely my go-to. I wish that I could say it’s like, underground people on SoundCloud. Actually, shout out to Hana Vu. She’s really sick. I found her on SoundCloud, but I hardly ever go on SoundCloud. But yeah, Spotify is my go-to for either listening to like, the Discover Weekly or the Release Radar and finding related artists to the artists I like.

Those are the best ways I’ve found new music and artists as well, through the related artists and suggested features. How much does music play a role in your day to day life? Is it something you have playing all the time?
It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. If I’m skiing, I’m for sure listening to music. If I’m skating, I don’t listen to music that much. If I’m feeling it and I’m kind of in an emotional hole like a thinking mood, I’ll be playing the same music over and over again. But it’s not every day or day to day thing.

You mentioned listening to music while skiing. Does that help you a lot to get into the right mindset whether you’re out filming in the streets or more just when you’re up on the mountain taking laps and having a good time?
Both, but a little less in the streets. As I said, it just depends on what kind of mood I’m feeling. If I need to fire it up, I’ll throw the headphones in. But if I’m with a group of friends, I won’t put the headphones in.

Do you have a crew with you when you’re filming in the streets?
Got the crew got to communicate with, make sure the camera and the winch are ready. All that stuff. So it’s a little much to have something else in your ear on top of all that stuff.

While driving around looking for spots or on the road to the mountain, who is in charge of the music?
I feel like I’m always driving, so if I’m driving, it’s me for sure.

How about when you compete? You competed in streetstyle last year at Dew Tour Copper. Did you have headphones in during that?
Yeah, I think so. I know back in the day when I did World Cups and stuff, I would be blaring Nicki Minaj in the headphones. That was something I couldn’t go without when I was doing that stuff.

On Rotation Taylor Brooke Lundquist
Photo Credit: Durso

Any videos that you watched growing up that influenced what you listen to? If any, what’s your favorite video that stands out to you because of the music?
I feel like I’ve just recently got into watching video parts and getting educated on what was before me and what’s happening now. There’s a couple of songs that I would Shazam and save to the playlist. The only ski movie I watched growing up was Ski Porn, and I think that was Sammy Carlson. I’m actually going to Google it right now. It was Too Hot by Swollen Members.

Any reason that part stuck out to you?
Because it was a rap song, and I was like, 13 years old (laughs).

You recently had a part in Coline Ballet-Baz’s latest video project SKIVAS. Did you have any influence on what kind of song that they were using in the video?
A little bit. It was hard because it had to be through Monster Energies’ platform of their licensed music. So Coco [Coline] and the producers would send me some songs they thought would be good, and I would say yes or no. I didn’t have a big say in that.

Gotcha, and if you were to release a video part yourself and got to choose any hip hop or punk rock song royalty-free, what would you pick?
I think I’ve been steering away from the hip hop genre. It depends, though, but I’m going to hit Frank Ocean on the head because he’s just does something to me every time I listen to him. I’m going to throw someone else out there because I recently hit them up about the X Games part I’m filming. They’re called Wild Painting, and they’re an indie band out of Boston.

Nice! How’s the filming going for you this season?
Oh, it was good. I got hurt on the second [of January 2021]. I was in Wisconsin filming and sprained my ACL, so I’m home trying to rehab. It’s alright though, it’s part of the game, and I didn’t tear it.

That’s such a bummer. How many weeks are you off of the skis?
Like six weeks and no surgery, which I’m grateful for that.

What’s your stretching and exercise routine like?
It’s been about a week. I just got my MRI back yesterday. So I don’t start physical therapy until next week. I’ve just been throwing some Arnica on there, given me to rub down relaxing, knitting hats.

On Rotation Taylor Brooke Lundquist
Photo Credit: Durso

Are you a fan of karaoke?
Oh yeah! I have to maybe have a couple of drinks in me to get up there, but definitely fun. The last karaoke song I did was a country song. Now I have to google it. I wasn’t prepared for this one. Maybe you can help me. It’s a girl and a guy singing back and forth to each other. I think it goes “over and over again…”

Oh, that’s by Nelly with Tim McGraw?
Yeah, that one! Wait. Maybe that’s not it…

Is that a country song?
I don’t think that’s the one.

Would someone sing that with you since it’s a duet?
Yeah, it is a duet. My friend Em and I would sing it, and that’s definitely not the last song I was thinking of.

If you were to go out tonight and hit the karaoke stage, what would you throw on as your first song?
I’d do Summer by The Carters. I found that other karaoke song, by the way.

What is it?
Kid Rock—Picture featuring Sheryl Crow!

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