Norwegian skier Johanne Killi is a top slopestyle competitor, standing atop the podium twice at Dew Tour in the past three years. One of those podiums includes a first-place finish at her Dew Tour debut in 2017. More recently, Johanne updated her fan base via Instagram of an injury during practice at the World Cup finals in Kreischberg, resulting in a torn MCL. Although, Johanne ensured us that her surgery went well and had started physical therapy this past week. In addition to her recovery update, we got to learn about Johanne’s music taste that includes a fusion of pop and hip hop. Stream ten of Johanne’s favorite songs, now playing on Dew Tour’s Spotify channel.

What’s your favorite type of music to listen to?
I really enjoy singing and dancing, and my favorite music to sing/dance to is pop. So pop is what I mostly listen to.

Name some of your current favorite artists/songs?
One of my favorite songs at the moment is Norwegian and called Ett minutt from Synne Vo. She is from the same place as I am, and she is a really skillful artist! Anyone from Justin Bieber is also played a lot of the time. I really like The Weeknd and Astrid S these days too.

How big of a role does music play in your day-to-day life?
I listen to music a lot. But the mood I’m in decides what kind of music I listen to. When I’m training, I need music to push harder, when I’m home alone I probably sing to pop music, when I’m really excited I listen to dance music. When I’m skiing, I listen to rap.

On Rotation Johanne Killi
Photo Credit: Sklar

When you’re road tripping with a crew to a mountain, what type of music is played in the car? Who usually gets to play DJ?
My coach usually throws some house music on the audio while driving. If not, we are listening to rap and pop music.

Do you have a playlist you go through while working out or training?
Yes, it’s usually the playlist I listen to if I’m partying. I need some tempo and rhythm so that I will push harder! (laughs) Either if I do cardio or strength training.

On Rotation Johanne Killi
Photo Credit: Sklar

Do you usually listen to music on a casual day of riding with friends? What do you listen to?
Yes, I usually listen to music while skiing. It makes me even more happy, and I actually feel I’m skiing better. I mostly listen to rap while I’m skiing. But not all the time when I’m skiing with friends.

When it’s competition time, do you have a specific playlist or song you have on repeat?
I used to listen to music while I was competing, but I don’t do that a lot anymore. If I do, it would be something from Travis Scott, I guess.

Are you a fan of karaoke? If so, What is your go-to karaoke song?
Yes, I’m a big fan! But I would probably need a couple of drinks first. My go-to karaoke song would be Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

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