Hypnotic beats under poetic lyrics with electronic sounds and R&B influences make Maggie Voisin’s go-to music mellow but definitely dance-able.

Rotating the likes of Doja Cat, Channel Tres, Noname, Travis Scott, and other upbeat artists keep a nice mixture down-to-earth and fresh, hip hop humming in the background of Voisin’s life off skis.

Once booted up and on the hill, however, her audible focus shifts to the sounds beneath her feet.

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“I don’t listen to music on the hill,” confessed Voisin. “I don’t know, I’ve just never skied with music. I like listening to my skis on the snow.”

Not listening to music while riding is normal enough, and she certainly makes up for it in other parts of her busy life. This past year she managed to catch a few live shows amidst her travel and ski schedule. The most recent two she remembered well were attended with her dad.

“I went to some pretty funny ones with my dad this summer. I went to Social Distortion and Flogging Molly. Those were the last two live shows that I saw,” laughed Voisin. “At X Games last year I saw Lil Wayne, and other than that I went to Lewis the Child.”

“I don’t listen to music on the hill, I like listening to my skis on the snow.” — Maggie Voisin

Her father has admittedly always had a major influence on what Voisin is listening to, and obviously still does – he’s one influence among many.

“I’d definitely say some influence from family, because of the music that I grew up listening to with my dad. But, I would say most of my music influences thee days come from my friends.”

Maggie Voisin
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Listening to the tracks on her personal playlist, it seemed that Voisin’s selections were all her own. Mellow, feel good, and alternative poppy.

“I listen to everything but I love Doja Cat right now,” laughs Voisin. “It really just depends on how I am feeling. Sometimes I’m really on a mellow music kick or old-school, but other days I’ll listen to rap, pop, whatever—no country, though!”

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